Why Immunizations are Important

Find out the many ways in which your child can benefit from getting regular immunizations in Nassau!

Immunizations are one of the smartest and most effective ways to prevent disease. While we wish that there were immunizations to Immunization Nassaucombat every disease out there, we are still fortunate that our pediatrician in Nassau, Dr. Maria Francis, offers a variety of immunizations that protect against serious and life-threatening diseases that we couldn’t always protect against in the past.


So, Why Should Children Get Immunized?

There are several benefits to getting your children vaccinated at our Nassau office, including:


Vaccines Save Lives

As we mentioned above, vaccines have made it possible to protect children from a host of serious and potentially deadly illnesses that once used to kill thousands of children. With vaccines, we have now largely eliminated the danger of these once vicious viruses!

For example, polio was a disease that would cause serious paralysis or even death in children. Thanks to vaccines, however, we no longer have to worry about polio in the US anymore!


Vaccines are Safe

The concerns over vaccine safety are something that we hear a lot from parents. While we do understand that all parents want to make sure that they are making the best decisions for their children, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to immunizations! Vaccines have been thoroughly tested and have to pass very rigorous testing and approval by the FDA before they are administered to the public.

Before the FDA can approve a vaccine there must be studies to test both the effectiveness and the safety of the vaccine. There are usually three phases of clinical trials that a vaccine must undergo.

Of course, it is common for children to experience a little tenderness, pain, or redness near the injection site, but these side effects are minimal. Serious allergic reactions are also very rare. Overall, the benefits of preventing diseases through vaccinations far outweigh the potential side effects that can occur from getting vaccinated.


Vaccines Protect Our Loved Ones, Too

Did you know that vaccinating your children also protects other members of your family? That’s right—making sure that your child is immune to certain serious diseases can prevent them from getting infected and then spreading the illness to other susceptible individuals including some senior citizens and babies who are too young to receive all of their vaccinations.


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